Thursday 9 June 2022

Lady's Slipper

    It is my habit that as soon as I get done painting my square (or squares) for the day, I write this blog.  Fifteen minutes ago I finished painting and realized that I had absolutely nothing to blog about.  Then I remembered noticing that the Lady’s Slippers where blooming along the path that goes around the pond, so I figured that I would just go outside and take a photo of them, and that’s what I did.  

    I took several snapshots and the one you see above is the best of the lot.

    As someone who loves to take photo of nature, I feel very fortunate that I can just walk right outside my door and usually find something of beauty, especially this time of year when all of the plants are rushing to put out their flowers.

    After I took the photo and began walking back to the house I saw Kona, just sitting there in the pasture, waiting for me and wondering what I had been up to, so I took her photo too.

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