Tuesday 7 June 2022

Fern Patch

    Whenever we walk on the path around the pond, I always enjoy looking down, from the dam that runs along our property line, to the thick patch of ferns that grow on my neighbor’s land.  I have always loved ferns because they are such ancient plants and seem so primal.

        As a youth I was fascinated with fossils and once was lucky enough to go along with some adult fossil hunters to a strip mine area in Southern Indiana.  There we could pick up smooth rounded rock “concretions”, which, when they were hit on the side with a hammer, would crack open to reveal a fossilized plant inside.  Quite often the fossil inside would be a fern that grew 350 million years ago.

    Ferns love moisture and grow in wet areas.  At one time my neighbor was considering building a “road” through this spot, but I talked him into doing it on land that was a bit higher and drier, not only because the road would be a lot more useable, but also because I didn’t want to see the ferns destroyed. 

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