Wednesday 8 June 2022

Solar/Wind Clothes Dryer

     All through the winter we use our electric clothes dryer, but now that it is summer, we are back hanging laundry on our clothesline.  The electric dryer is easier and leaves the clothes softer, but somehow, hanging them outside, makes them feel crispy and cleaner.  

    When I grew up the family clothesline was supported by T-shaped upright poles with wire strung between them.  I thought that was the way all clotheslines were, but when we first moved to Canada, I began to see clotheslines were on pulleys, which allowed the hanger to stand in one spot to hang the clothes, then wheel the wet clothes out over the lawn to dry.  That is the way our clothesline works;  I just stand on the deck, hang the clothes, and then wheel them out over the garden.

        When we bought our house, it came without a washer or dryer, so we had to rely on a laundromat in McBride.  Later we did by a washer and during the winter we would hang and drape the wet clothes all over the house to dry with the help of our wood stove.  If it wasn’t too cold outside, we would hang the clothes on the clothesline.


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