Friday 3 June 2022

Kona, The Vegetarian Dog

    I have blogged before about how Kona would pick up pieces of my kindling firewood down by the pond and carry them to the house.   When she was away, I would pick up the pieces she had carried and stack them on the firewood pile, but I kept finding pieces scattered all over the yard.  Yesterday I found out why.

    I saw Kona walk over to the firewood stack, grab one of the pieces by its end, and pull and slid it out of the stack.  She then carried it over to the yard and began gnawing on it.  

    After a bit of gnawing on the firewood was time for dessert, so she got up walked over by the willow tree and started pulling up dandelions to eat.  I wish she would eat her kibbles with the same enthusiasm.

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