Monday 6 June 2022

Parade Bounty

    While all of the excitement generated by the flashing lights and loud wailing sirens of the fire trucks and police cars in the parade make for an interesting experience for kids, but I think it is the pieces of candy thrown to the spectators by the passing vehicles that is the real prize.  I took this photo of a young parade spectator, with a sucker in her mouth, looking for more thrown candy, while standing beside her already secured collection of sweets, Saturday at McBride’s Pioneer Days parade.

    Unlike previous years, I didn’t scramble out onto the street to pick up any candy for myself, but in the past I always did.   I would pick up some of the chewy chocolate candy and put it into my jacket pocket, then forget all about it.  I wouldn’t use the jacket all summer long, then when fall arrived and I would again start wearing the jacket to walk the dog, I would inadvertently put my hand into the pocket and discover the long forgotten chocolates--a welcome surprise.

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