Tuesday 21 June 2022

Bear With Us

    Last year we didn’t see any bears in our yard, already this year we have seen two.  I assume it was the same bear, but yesterday when it passed through the yard I was unable to see the white marking on its chest to make sure.  

    It was the same set up as when I blogged on June 11th.  I was sitting in my office when suddenly Kona, who was occupying her time looking out of a window, erupted into barking.  This time the bear was already in our yard, but it heard Kona’s loud protestations, so the bear figured it wasn’t welcome and took off, this time crossing the driveway, scampering front of the barn, and then disappearing after entering the paddock.

    I have often complained about Kona’s barking habit, but I certainly appreciate her drawing our attention to things like bears.

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