Wednesday 4 May 2022

Underwater Lilies

    The water in my pond is very clear, and every time I walk Kona around the pond (many times a day) I always like to see how the waterlilies are progressing under the water.  They emerge through the mud at the bottom of the pond as wrapped sprouts, which slowly unwind into reddish arrowhead shaped leaves.   As they develop, they eventually become the disc-like green platters that float on the surface.  You can also the light green stem with a bulb on the end, which will become the yellow waterlily flower.

    When I first had my pond dug I was eager to establish local aquatic plants in it.  I found some octopus arm-looking tubers floating on Horseshoe Lake, waded out and collected some, brought them home, and stuck them in the muddy at the bottom of my pond and they took hold and have been spreading ever since.

    Below is a painting that I did of one of the blooming waterlilies.  Can you spot the insect crawling around inside the bloom?

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