Wednesday 25 May 2022

Lengthening Days

    Up here on the 53° Latitude, we are really starting to see the amount of daylight getting noticeably longer and longer.  I took this photo at 9:00 in the evening.  The Robson Valley stretches out in a North-westernly direction.  During the winter the sun sets behind the Cariboo Mountains, but as we get closer  to summer, it slowly moves along the mountains that hold the valley, and and then sets at the far end of the valley bottom.  

    And of course our sunrise gets earlier and earlier in the spring.  We keep all of the curtains in the bedroom closed at night, because dawn comes so early.  We can hear the birds start chirping at 3:45 AM.   Even though it is dark in the bedroom, Kona isn’t fooled and like clockwork wakes us up, insisting we get out of bed every morning at 6:00.

    We still have about a month of lengthening days to go, but then the our sunsets will slowly move eastward and begin setting behind the mountains again.

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