Friday 6 May 2022

Missing Our Microwave

    Last week our microwave finally quit working.  My first reaction, was frustration, knowing that we would have to buy a new one, and I didn’t fully realize just how life-changing living without a microwave would be.  Since its demise we have had to constantly rethink our meals every time it dawns on us that we no longer have the microwave at our disposal.

    A high percentage of our meals are leftovers, which we would just dish onto our plate or bowl, pop into the microwave, press a few buttons, and minutes later; take out ready to eat.  Now we have to put the leftovers into a pot, put the pot on the stove top, adjust the heat, rush back to the stove when it gets too hot, re-adjust the heat lower, then after a while, spoon it onto our plate to eat.  (Can you see just how much more difficult our lives have gotten.)

    Veggies like broccoli, peas, and corn were always a quick fix, steaming them in the microwave, before adding a bit of salt and butter.  Now they too must be cooked on the stovetop, using more electricity and time.  

    We keep our bread and buns in the freezer so it doesn’t get dry or old.  When I wanted some to eat I would pop a slice or two in the microwave, set it for 20 seconds, and it would come out soft and warm, ready to eat.  Now I am forced to plan further ahead and take the slice of bread out long enough for it to thaw at room temperature.  (All of this additional work is getting unbearable.)

    Readers might remember our silicone popcorn popper that revolutionized making our favorite snack food.  Without our microwave we are back burning popcorn in pans that have to be really scrubbed to get clean again.  (I am now suffering from popcorn withdrawal.)

    Of course, I know we live the life of royalty compared to most people living on the earth, so I really don’t have any real justification for complaining about our life without a microwave, but still, I will be happy when are able to get a new one.

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