Saturday 21 May 2022

Gravel Screen On Waterline

    One of the jobs we have to do this time of year is put the gravel screen over our water intake culvert.  We take the screen off during the winter, since no gravel comes down the falls when everything is frozen and covered with snow and we are afraid that freezing water might cause a blockage of flow into our culvert.  However, when things really warm up in the spring, the alpine snow starts to melt and the creeks run very heavy, carrying gravel and boulders with them.  The gravel screen prevents our culvert from filling up with gravel and boulders which would stop our water flow.

    Three of us went up to the intake this morning to roll and lift the heavy metal gravel screen into place, so hopefully we will have uninterrupted water throughout the spring.  However, nothing is perfect and sometimes the strong water flow will pile up boulders and wood on top of the screen, which does cause

us to lose our water.  We will keep our fingers crossed that doesn’t happen this year.

    There is concern in BC about the unusually cold spring we have had thus far.  That has prevented the snow on the mountaintops from melting slowly, so as a result, there is more snow than usual up there.  If a really hot spell comes along, creeks will turn into torrents, and there will be flooding in the rivers.

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