Monday 9 May 2022

ANother Week of No Jam

    Playing music on Tuesday night is always the thing I look forward to the most, each week.  Now, I guess I will have cancel our music jam for the second week in a row because of Covid.  Although I feel like I am “back to normal” and over my Covid, I am still coughing up a bit of phlegm, and so just to be on the safe side and not wanting to infect anyone, I will have to endure another week without playing music.  I am aware that three of us from the jam ended up with the virus, there may have been more, but three is all that I have heard about.

    Our jam has sure been going through a difficult few years.  We lost a lot of players who moved away from the Robson Valley and the remaining hardcore members played outside during the summers suffering rain showers and mosquitoes for our music.   We had to shut down over the winter months because of Covid restrictions and this spring I started renting a local hall where we could play, when it appeared that Covid was on the wane, but then unexpectedly, it seems to have really tore through McBride.  

    The Jam is supposed to play in public during McBride’s “Pioneer Days” the first weekend in June.  That would give us three more sessions to get back up to speed with our music, if we can get back to playing next week, but up to speed or not, I just want to start playing music again.

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  1. Music is always appreciated. Great of you all to keep going. Maybe time to put out some feelers for anyone else interested.