Saturday 28 May 2022

I Guess it is a Cinnamon Teal

    The other day when Kona and I were walking around the pond, I noticed a pair of ducks out there that I hadn’t seen on the pond before.  The male was a coppery color, while the female (can you see her, she really blends in to the water) was gray and white.  I didn’t really know what kind of ducks they were, but figured that because of the males distinct coloration he would be easy to identify.  I took some photos of them because my memory is really bad when it comes to remembering how things looked.

    When I got back to the house, I downloaded the photos, looked at them, then grabbed some bird books to see what kind of ducks they were.

    It seems like the birds and ducks that come around here, never really look like the pictures I find in the reference books.   The closest looking duck I could find in the bird book was a Cinnamon Teal, but I am never very confident in my identifications, because of there always seem to be big differences in what I saw and the images in the books.

    The duck I saw had a head that was darker in color than the rest of its body.  The female was gray rather than brownish, like the female duck in the book, but none of the other ducks in the book look as close as the Cinnamon Teal, so I guess that is what it was.

    Below is the image from the book.


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