Monday 2 May 2022

It Finally Happened

    The BC Government lifted all of its Covid restrictions and opened everything up, and although you don’t hear much about it on the news, Covid seems to be racing through the population.  It was reported that unprecedented lineups are happening at the Vancouver Airport because so much of the staff that check the luggage is off sick.  BC Ferries had to cancel some ferries for the same reason.   I heard there is a sign at our local hospital saying that Covid patients are inside, and now, I have tested positive for Covid.

    I was so careful for so long, but eased up.  I still wore a mask in stores, but didn’t for our jam, although we are spaced apart, and at the Library’s Book Club, where there were only four of us, again spaced apart, but I guess not spaced enough.  I heard from one other member of our jam who also has it, but I hadn’t gotten close to her during our jam session.  

    For me Covid feels like a cold or flu.  I really haven’t had a temperature, but my head is stuffed up and I am totally exhausted.  On my third day, I do feel better than I did, but still have no energy, so all those things that I was planning to do, have been put off.  I am now exhausted after writing this blog and I am heading back to bed.

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