Friday 20 May 2022

Kona's Summer Haircut

    We had a couple of appointments in Prince George yesterday, so Kona spent the day at the Robson Valley Pet Hostel, getting a haircut for summer.  She was getting pretty shaggy and uncomfortable, so we had Ann mostly take off Kona’s hair on the body, leaving it longer on the head and tail so we would still recognize her.  Kona always looks different after a haircut.

    It was a 12 hour day for us yesterday, driving up to Prince George, scrambling around to get all of the things we needed to do, done.  On our trip up, we saw three black bears grazing on grass along the side of the highways.  

    Our car was so full of supplies when we finally got back home, there was absolutely no room for Kona, so we parked the car at our house and I drove to the kennel in my truck to bring Kona home.  We are always exhausted after one of our whirlwind trips to Prince George and always relieved when we return safely to our house.

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