Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Contrasting Images of Macau

    Yesterday when I was going through some photos for the blog, I came across these two shots that I took in Macau.  Macau is the huge gambling center for China.  It’s glittering and extravagant casinos rival anything found in Los Vegas, but as you might expect, all is not gold.

    I was fascinated by the chaotic and creative wiring on the side of this building.  I assume a lot of apartments were made inside which the existing infrastructure couldn’t handle, so they just ran all the wires and pipes outside on the side of the building.  

    Below is a photo of a gold necklace which I saw displayed in the window of a store.  I guess some high-roller gambler could buy his little woman this “decorative” gold trinket to celebrate his winnings.

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  1. The first photo is from the backside of most computers, printers, televisions. ;)