Friday 13 May 2022

How Are Those Brake Lines Looking?

    Our dog Kona is extremely obsessive when it comes to squirrels.  She is so impatient and demanding about everything else, but when a squirrels is involved, she will spend hours patiently not moving, just sitting and watching, sitting and watching.  We welcome this squirrel behavior, because normally we have to watch Kona like a hawk because she gets into so much trouble when left on her own, but with squirrels, we don’t have to watch her, because we know where she is, just sitting there watching.

    Yesterday a squirrel must have run up and taken shelter in my truck engine, because Kona spent the entire afternoon sitting there under the truck with her head up in the wheel well and engine compartment.  She would periodically scamper to the other side of the truck to get a better vantage point, but her gaze was cemented on the squirrels hiding place.  We were amazed at her determination.  She would just patiently sit there, wagging her tail, whenever she sensed the squirrel move.  

    I realize that situating herself under a vehicle can be a dangerous place for her to be, but we never go anyplace without Kona inside the vehicle or inside the house, and it is sure a nice change to have the squirrel look after Kona for a while.

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