Tuesday 10 May 2022

Ambrosia Apples

    Whenever I am at the grocery looking for apples, I always seek out Ambrosias.  Not only does it have an amazingly mild honey, fruity taste, but it’s origin story is very memorable to me.

    Many years ago I was listening to CBC radio as they were talking about BC apples. It seems there was one orchard whose owner noticed that every year during the picker’s lunch breaks, the pickers would always gather under one particular apple tree in the orchard.   They would always grab apples off of the tree to augment their lunch. 

    Curious, the owner walked down to that particular tree, and tried one of its apples for himself.  He discovered just how unique and delicious they tasted.  He isolated and bred the tree and its apples became the “Ambrosia” apple. 

    I sat there in front of the radio wishing I could taste one of those Ambrosia apples, but I could never find any in our local grocery store, and slowly over time, the story took a back place in my memory. Then a couple of years later wanting a snack, I grabbed one of the apples that my wife had put in the fridge.  I walked back to the living room, settled back down in front of the TV and bit into it. 

    WOW!, what a delicious taste. I got out of my chair and back went to the fridge, opened the door, and read the label on the apples in the bag—AMBROSIA.  Finally that long ago desire to taste an Ambrosia apple was realized, and I was not disappointed.  It has been my “go-to” apple choice ever since.

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  1. That story is very interesting about the 'licious apples.