Monday 28 February 2022

My Old GMC in the Snow

     The other day when I was looking for a photo of something else, I ran across this one of my old 3/4 ton GMC pickup truck.  When I had taken the photo, the truck had not used it all winter long and so it just sat there in the pasture under an ever-increasing pile of snow.  As all that snow sat there on the truck month after month, more snow fell, as did rain.  The accumulation of all that precipitation got so heavy that it actually made a dent in the broad hood of the truck.

    I have a lot of affection for that old beast.  We did a lot of heavy work together.   We hauled hay, firewood, and when I was building my house: lumber, and other building supplies.  It was my workhorse, but eventually I replaced it with a newer, smaller, used pickup, and the GMC sat there in the pasture rusting.

    A mechanical-minded, truck-loving, neighbor noticed it sitting there unused and asked me if it wanted to sell it.  I told him he could have it for nothing, if he hauled it away.  He didn’t have to haul it, after about a half and hour of tinkering, he was able to fire up the engine and drive it to his place.

    I found all of the truck’s rust and battle scars, telling and beautiful and I have used images of the pickup in five of my paintings.  I am presently halfway through painting the 6th.

    I am not sure whatever happened to that old pickup.  Gary, the guy to whom I gave the truck, had a collection of old pickups on his property, but in 2020 a mudslide engulfed his home and property and I assume whatever was left of the old GMC is now buried under the slide debris.

    You can view my truck paintings at:

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