Wednesday 2 March 2022

Bone of Contention

    Kona can’t be trusted outside on her own.   Whenever we let her outside, she is with us and on a leash.  If she is not on a leash she takes off running like a banshee, after some animal scent or over to the neighbor’s place where she stands like an idiot, barking at Scout, their friendly Newfoundland dog, who seems always puzzled at why Kona is acting so uncivil.

    Yesterday afternoon I was up in my office, when my wife said,  “There is a dog in the yard.”  Then she added, “It is Kona.”

    How did Kona get outside?  Then I remembered that Lucifer our cat was outside and when she bumped the carport door open with her head to get back in, she probably left the door partially open.  Unbeknown to us, Kona the opportunist, took advantage of the open door and when off on a lark.

    When we saw her prancing back into the yard, my wife said, “She is carrying a piece of kindling.”  This made sense since every time we take Kona on a walk around the pond, she picks up a stick or piece of kindling I have piled beside the path, and carries it back to the house.

    I went to the carport door to let Kona back in and discovered that she was carrying, not a piece of kindling, but a nice big bone.

    That rat had quietly gone next door, stolen one of the Scout’s bones, claimed it as her own, and proudly carried the prize back home.

    Poor Scout is probably out searching the yard for his bone, figuring that a maybe a coyote stole it in the night.  No Scout, it was the thief that lives next door.

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