Tuesday 22 February 2022

Silicone Corn Popper

    Since today is the 392nd Anniversary of the day the Native Americans showed colonists how to make popcorn, I thought I would review the silicon microwave corn popper that we recently purchased.  There are a lot of different models available, but we bought a Hotpop.   We’ve tried it out several times now and found it very quick and easy to use.

    Because it is made of silicon, it is collapsable and doesn’t take up much space for storage.  The photo below shows it in its collapsed stage.  Their are rings in the middle to show you the level of popcorn kernels to use, so you don’t have to measure them out, just fill up to the ring mark.  Then expand the popper, making it into a deep bowl.    

     After adding the popcorn expand the popper and just lay the lid gently over the top without forcing it and as the corn pops in the microwave, the lid will just float on the top of the popped corn.  You don’t need to add oil and so you don’t really have to wash the popper after you are done.  Every microwave is different, but ours takes 3 minutes to pop. 

   The first time I used it I was so eager to try it out that I forgot to expand the popper and just put the lid on when it was in its collapsed condition.  I put it in the microwave and started to cook it.  When I opened the microwave, popcorn was everywhere, so make sure you expand the popper before you microwave it.

    The silicone popper is hot after you microwave it, so use the handles on the top to remove it from the microwave.  We always add salt and butter to our popcorn and I also add MSG and chili pepper flakes to my bowl.

    Like I said, using a silicone corn popper in the microwave is quick, easy, and works without leaving pots to wash.  It is how we will make our popcorn from now on.

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