Saturday 12 February 2022

     Every morning after I paint my square, I grab my Sony camera and take a photo of the square I painted and another of what the whole canvas looks like.  I then put the photos on my website under the caption “Current Work.”  I automatically did that this morning, but when I downloaded the photos onto my computer I noticed that both of them were blurry.  At first I thought that I must have moved while taking the shots, but usually that just happens with one of the photos, not both.

    I looked at my camera and noticed that there was the blinking error code in the view finder.  It said:  E:62:10.  This filled me with fear, because living in a very rural and isolated place, getting something like a camera fixed can be really difficult.  I decided to try a search on the internet.

    On the search engine I typed in the error code:   E:62:10

    I chose the first search result which was from   The error code meant that the lens was stuck.  Other people had experienced the same problem on their Sony cameras and the website suggested trying this procedure:

    Turn the camera on and immediately, fully extend the zoom lens.  Then remove the battery and tap around the battery case a few times.  Put the battery back in and see if that will help.

    I tried it, but the error code was still there blinking and the view finder, still blurry.  I tried it again and WOW, it worked.  The error message was gone and the view finder view, clear.

    Above on the left you can see the original photo I took this morning when the lens was stuck.  The photo on the right shows the photo I took after I had followed the directions on  

    I am always amazed at the helpful information that can be found online.  I am also thankful that there are people out there like “oldturkey03” (the solver of this problem) who take the time out of their lives to try to help others.

    You can see the paintings on my website:

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