Thursday 24 February 2022

I Guess I Do Have A Lot Of Paint

    The other day when my wife happened to look at my desk, she remarked that I sure had a lot of paints.

    I see my paint box every day and really never thought about how many paints were there, but once it had been said I had to agree with her.  Whenever I see a tube of an interesting color I buy it and over time they accumulate in my paint box.  

    Some of the paint I have had for years and it is getting hard and very difficult to use, so I recently ordered replacements for about 10 of them.

    Even though I have so many different colors, I still have to spend a lot of time mixing them together to get the exact color I need in painting my daily square.  I try to subtly vary the colors in each square, so even if a bluish area in my painting overlaps across several squares, I will use different tubes of blue hues to represent that blue in each square.  Sometimes you can easily see those color variations in the squares and sometimes it is difficult.

    I love color and I think that love is reflected in my paintings.

    Once my cousin asked what I was painting, I told him “Some chrome”.

    He remarked, “What color do you use to paint chrome?  Silver?”

    I explained that when you look at it, chrome isn’t silver, it just reflects all the colors that surround it, so there might be shades of blue from the sky, some shades of green from the trees and grass, and even some of the colors from the clothes I was wearing when I stood near it.

     If you look carefully at an object, there are millions of subtle colors in the there, but your brain usually just “rounds them off” into the color that is most dominant.  When I paint I try to paint in a lot of those colors that your brain usually ignores.

    Below is my painting, “Chrome”.  If you look carefully at the vertical strip of chrome in the center of the painting that separates the grill from the headlight, you might be able to make out in its reflection, my fleshy face, blue shirt, and flesh-colored hands holding my black camera.

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  1. Yep, I see you stick man.
    When I first saw the top of the first picture , I thought, pill bottles. Now, THAT ,would be a lot of those. An addiction to paint is nothing. ;)