Wednesday 23 February 2022


    We just went through a couple of frigid days.  Yesterday morning it was -26°C (-15°F), but luckily it seems to be moderating.  This morning it was just -16°C (3°F).  Whenever we get these really cold days the skies are deep blue and totally clear.  Luckily there is no wind.  The sun reflecting off of all of the snow is extremely bright and I had to throw out a couple of photos I took yesterday, because my camera couldn’t cope the brightness.

    I was happy that the photo above turned out, because it does give one the feel of what the bright sun shining on all of the snow was like. 

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  2. I see now what you mean about the snow looking like melted marshmallows on the trees.
    That popper looks like the bomb diggity.