Friday 11 February 2022

Our Old Spider Plants

    Sitting on the half wall that separates my desk from the stairway are some spider plants.  They are rather rangy looking, but as you can see in the photo, they look vibrant when the sun is streaming through the windows and illuminating them.  

    What I find really remarkable about the plants is their age.  They were given to us by my sister 45 or so years ago and they are still alive.  I never really spent much time thinking about how old house plants get and was surprised when I realized just how old our spider plants were.  They keep chugging along as long as they get water.  I’m afraid they don’t get much additional attention except that during the summer we put them outside on our shady deck.

    Spider plants develop out little “spiders” (left side of the photo) on runners and can be propagated by planting the spiders in some soil.

Take a look at my paintings:


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  1. Was it a wedding gift? We got one around the same time as a wedding gift.