Wednesday 2 February 2022

Lady Fingers


    I am always surprised at how quickly the scraps we put on our compost pile disappear in the winter.  Everyday I take a small bucketful of things to compost out to our compost pile, but sometimes an hour later everything I had dumped there has disappeared, except for the egg shells.  The photo above shows a deer eating an delectable banana peel.

    Yesterday my wife decided to make a lemon-flavored trifle.  The recipe called for using Lady Finger cookies instead of cake, and we had a large package of Lady Fingers she had been saving in the old freezer cabinet that we use for mouse-squirrel proof storage in the shop.  The Lady Fingers had been out there for about a year.  

    When my wife taste-tested one, she found they had “gone off”, so I took the 400 gram (almost a pound) of Lady Fingers out and dumped them on the compost pile.   After dumping them there I forgot about them.

    Yesterday evening we were walking Kona on the snow-packed path around the pond.  When she stopped and began nuzzling in the snow.  I didn’t know what she was up to, but figured it was not anything good, so I urged her on to continue our walk.  It was then I noticed that she had something in her mouth, so I forced her to drop it, and she did.  To my surprise it was a Lady Finger.

    The pond path is not very close to the compost pile, so I figured on of the deer picked up the Lady Finger and then walked away munching it, and dropping it when the deer got to the pond path.  

     When we got back to the house, I walked over to the compost pile to see how many Lady Fingers remained.  There was not a one.  Only a coffee filter and some egg shells remained.  Every last one Lady Finger had disappeared.  (Photo below)

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