Saturday 19 February 2022

Kona, Helping With Firewood

    I have mentioned before how Kona has become obsessed with picking up and carrying sticks every time we walk around the pond.  Now, it seems, she has taken this obsession to a whole new level.  

    The other day I got out my chainsaw and felled some of the dead Alder trees that grow along the edge of my pond.  Alders have a short lifespan and don’t grow very tall so when they die, I buck them up to use for kindling.  When I was done sawing, I threw the alder pieces onto piles along the path, ready to pick up and haul to the house in the spring.   Over night we got a snow which covered most of the Alder pieces up.

    Nosy Kona smelled the alder out and started digging through the snow to get to them.  She then picked up one of the pieces and carried it back with her to the house.  I was surprised, the wood was pretty bulky and heavy for her mouth, but she was determined.  She starts to do this now every time we walk around the pond. 

    Maybe it won’t be me who has to carry the alder back to the house in the spring, after all.

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1 comment:

  1. Yes, I believe Kona wants more wood in the stove.
    Our German Shepherd has taken to doing the same thing.
    Kona sees you tasks and is a great help dog...has to earn her treats , yes?