Sunday 6 February 2022

A Lot Of Paint For A Two Inch Square

    My paintings consist of squares.  I paint a two inch (5cm) square every morning.  Before I begin, I zoom in on the image of the day’s square on the computer.  On my canvas, I draw in some guide lines, then sketch what I see displayed on the computer.   Once I finish sketching, I begin to paint, while looking at what I see on my computer monitor.  Sometimes the squares are simple without much detail going on and sometimes they get pretty complex.

    The easy squares take about 30 minutes to paint and the more detailed squares can take a lot longer.  Today’s square was complicated and it took me one and a half hours to finish.  There were a lot of colors I had to mix.  When I got done painting the square I glanced down at all of the tubes of paint I had used and was surprised that I had needed so many for just a two inch square.

    This painting is another image of my old rusty farm truck.  Below is the square I painted today.  You can see what the whole painting looks like in the “Current Work” link on my website:



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