Thursday 17 February 2022

What An Affectionate Dog

    We have had Kona, a Bordoodle (Border Collie-Poodle mix), for about a year and a half now, and we still can’t get over how affectionate she is.  All of our previous dogs would tolerate about 5 minutes of affection and then eagerly squirm away for some distance, but not Kona.  She initiates cuddling and it is us that finally get to the point where we think, “Okay, enough is enough.”

    One of the things Kona often does when I am sitting on the couch, is to jump up beside me, turn with her back toward me in a sitting position, firmly planting her butt against my leg, then she slowly lean backwards until she is tight against me, totally trusting that I will support her.

     In the photo you might think that I am hugging Kona tightly against me, but I am not, she is squeezing her head against mine.  She loves to do this and nestle her head into my neck below my face.  It is quite endearing.  Kona certainly has her faults, but they are quickly forgotten when she begins to cuddle.

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