Friday 2 January 2015

Throwin' Snow--Finally!

    Ever since I got my snowthrower, I have been anxiously awaiting some snow so I could use it.  On New Year’s Eve the white stuff finally began to come down, and by yesterday afternoon there was enough on the ground to crank up the monster.  I am happy to report that it does a good job of throwing the snow off of the driveway.
    There was a bit of a learning curve for me, since I had never been a snowthrower operator, and there are a lot of different levers to operate.  There is one for gears (forward, reverse, & speed), there is one for activating the thrower, one for direction of throwing the snow, and another for height of throwing the snow. 
    For days I was thinking about what pattern I should use in clearing the drive, the turn-around, and the entrance to the driveway, but I quickly had to change my plan yesterday when I realized just how important wind direction is.  It doesn’t work well to throw the snow into the wind, because you get a lot of it back in your face. 
    You have to quickly change throwing directions as you move along the driveway or else you will throw it into areas where you don’t want it.  The photo below shows my shop all plastered by the thrown snow.

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