Friday 16 January 2015


    Last week on the Bill Maher show, he was talking to Jay Leno about the fact that Jay didn’t like soup.  Jay said that soup was just a way to “cheat people out of a meal.”  I thought that was a really funny response, but I can’t relate to Jay’s dislike of soup.  It is one of the main foods in rotation for my lunches, and I always look forward to it.
    After we have a turkey or chicken, I usually boil the bones along with some celery and garlic and make a broth, which is then frozen.  When I make soup, I start with frying some onion, garlic, and a chili pepper, then I add the broth, a big jar of our home grown tomatoes that Joan canned, a couple of cans of kidney beans, and some frozen corn.  I season it all with salt and pepper of course, a dollop of hickory flavored barbecue sauce, and some MSG.  (I realized most people think MSG is poison, but it is not, and does add a nice flavor to the mix.)
    The photo shows the soup I made yesterday.  I used one of our jalapeno peppers which ended up being a lot hotter than I imagined, and unfortunately it made the soup too spicy hot for Joan, so I will have to eat the whole pot, but that is not a problem.  Even though I broke into a powerful sweat when I ate the soup yesterday, I thought it was delicious, and I am looking forward to reliving the experience  again for lunch today.

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