Sunday 4 January 2015

Hosta #5, Photo & Painting

    I have thousands and thousands of digital photographs, most of them stored on an external drive.  When I am looking for a particular photo, I am faced with a daunting  task, because when I open the hard drive all I see is a very long list of extremely small images and accompanying photo number.  I pretty much have to open each individual photo to see what it is.  
    Lately I have been trying to organize all those photos so that it will be easier to find any specific one.  I have divided them them into files, such as  “Flowers”, “Mountains” etc., then those categories are further subdivided into things like, “Ladyslippers”, “Mt. Lucille”, etc.  Anyway, before I can place any photo in the file where I can find it, I have to look at each one of the thousands of pictures.  In doing so I have had a lot of memories reawakened and I have come across some of the photos on which I have based paintings.
    On top, you see the photo that I based my painting “Hosta #5” on.  Below it is the painting.  People often dismiss realism in art by saying that you might as well use the photograph, but in order to paint it, the image has to pass through the painter’s eyes, then the brain, and finally through his hands. In doing so, the image always comes out differently.  I like to intensify the colors and exaggerate the light and textures.
    Once in Holland I went to the M.C. Escher Museum.  It was full of amazing things, and one of the displays that I found most interesting was a photo of a village, and the drawing that Escher did of that scene.  I hope you will find the two images above just as interesting.

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