Saturday 24 January 2015

Industrial Kitchen

    Many years ago, while waiting for the cashier at the hardware store, we got into a conversation with an acquaintance who was a Seventh Day Adventist.  The Seventh Day community that live around McBride are very health conscious, they are vegetarian and pay a lot of attention to what they eat lots of vegetables, nuts, and grains.  As a result studies have shown that as a group, they live longer.
    Anyway in our conversation the guy told us about his Vitamix machine.  Vitamix’s are really heavy duty blenders.   He said that after 20 years of use, his machine broke so he wrote to the company about getting it repaired.  They sent him a new one.   This impressed me both because it lasted so long and that the company stood behind the machine.
    He started telling us about all the amazing things you could do with the Vitamix.  He said you could make and cook soup in it.  Just put in chunks of all the things you want in the soup, like beans, carrots, onions, and tomatoes, and press the button.  The machine blades turn so fast that if you let it run, it actually heats up the mixture and cooks it.  
    It grinds up ice cubes, makes flour out of wheat, and all kind of other surprising feats.  As a result of this conversation, Joan and I were pretty intrigued by the Vitamix and decided to keep our ears and eyes open for more information about it.  When we discovered the price of the thing, our enthusiasm cooled somewhat.
    A couple of years ago when we were in Victoria and went to the Costco store, there was a man demonstrating the Vitamix and giving out samples of juice that he was making by grinding up fruit.  Again our interest was peaked, we thought about all the healthy stuff we could make out of vegetables and fruit, but we were stymied by that price.
    Costco recently put on a sale of Vitamix and the price was greatly reduced, so we finally made the plunge.  Ever since it arrived, Joan has been using it.
    She put some broccoli, cheese, and milk in it and let it run, and we had hot cheese and broccoli soup.  Every morning he has been making us fresh orange juice, by putting in chunks of oranges, a bit of water, and some ice cubes--just like an Orange Julius. 
    She threw some egg yolks, a bit of milk and cream, and vanilla into the Vitamix canister, hit the button, and in five minutes when we saw steam coming out of the top, we had a delicious custard.  We are both pretty impressed with all the things it will do.
    There is one downsize to the Vitamix and if you look at the photo you will probably guess what it is--it is very loud.  Both the dog and the cat scramble for safety whenever we turn it on.  I guess I will have to buy another set of ear protectors for my outside work (mowing, chainsaw, and snowblowing), since we now also need one for use in the kitchen.

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