Tuesday 27 January 2015

Feels Like Breakup

    “Breakup” is the term we northerners give to the period when all the ice and snow that has fallen over the winter begins to melt, and is replaced by water and mud.  It is not here yet, and we probably have at least another month before it actually occurs, but it is beginning to look like it, and certainly feels like it.  At 9:30 AM as I write this the temperature is +4 C (39F).  The normal daytime “high” temperature for this day is -4C (24F), so the Robson Valley is experiencing a lot warmer temperatures than is normal.
    Our yard is still covered with about 30 cm (12 in.) of snow, but that snow is getting thinner and thinner with the rain and above freezing days and nights.  The constant dripping sound from the roof, makes it seem like it is always raining outside, but it is just all the water from melting snow on one level of the roof falling to the lower.

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