Thursday 8 January 2015

1999 Diary Entry: Greenhouse Collapse

    The other day I blogged about recovering my digital diaries.  As I was looking through them, I noticed this photograph on Jan. 14, 1999.  This was the only time I ever put a photo in with the diary entry.  We were getting a lot of heavy snow that winter, and the snow load got to be too much for my greenhouse, and the photo shows what happened.
    Here is the entry from my diary:

Jan, 14/99 Fri.
Quite a surprise this morning when we got into the car and looked out the windshield and discovered that the greenhouse had collapsed overnight from the snow load.  I didn’t have time to investigate until I got off work at 4:00.  It is quite a mess.  It looks like all of the greenhouse glass is broken, but I won’t really know until the snow melts and I can clean  it up.  I called the insurance and it sounds as if they will pay for a replacement.  That‘s good news.  Temperatures were just above freezing again today.  I did start knocking some of the overhanging snow off of the roof of the house.  It doesn’t seem to be sliding very quickly and there is about 2 inches of ice on it’s base that is very strong and allows it to extend 18 inches over the edge of the roof without breaking.  Tomorrow I think I will shovel some of the roof.
    The picture shows what the green house looked like when I got off work.  Several people thought it was interesting that the cartoon I did, which was in the paper this week, was asking how thick the snow on the roof should be before one needs to shovel it off.

    When I got around to re-building the greenhouse that spring, I made it stronger by putting a support post in the middle of roof span. 

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