Thursday 15 January 2015

Give Me Some Peace, Cat

    When you go into the bathroom and shut the door, you expect a little peace and privacy, at least that is the way I feel.  Unfortunately in our house, there are two things that keep this expectation from happening.  One, is the fact that when you close the bathroom door, it doesn’t really latch completely.  The second is that Lucifer, our cat, takes it as a personal affront when a door is closed to her.
    To our dismay, being a clever cat, Lucifer has learned that she can often open closed doors by giving them a good push with her head.  This means when you are busy in the bathroom, the door opens and in walks Lucifer to survey the situation and to check out what is going on.
    That is what happened this morning.  I was in the bathroom doing my business with the door closed.  I heard a “clunk”, the door cracked open and in walked Lucifer.  She walked around, checking out all the nooks and corners of the room, then turned and walked back out.
    I leaned over and shut the door again, and got back to what I was doing.  There was another “clunk,” again the cat walked in and checked all the corners, then turned and left.  I shut the door again, only to again hear the “clunk” and see the cat.  It was like the movie “Ground Hog Day” where the exact same thing kept happening over and over.
    By the time I got finished in the bathroom, Lucifer had let herself in five times.  Fortunately, this has only happened with Joan and I, so far (and I keep my fingers crossed) it hasn’t happened when we have had guests using the bathroom.

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