Friday 23 January 2015

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

    Cats are pretty mysterious creatures.  This is obvious enough during the day when you can see them running around in their own invented world, but I am sure a lot goes on during the night, when I am asleep that I am completely unaware of.  One of the things that has always puzzled us is where Lucifer sleeps.
    She has a nightly routine.  At bedtime, as I am lying in bed reading, she comes and plants herself on top of me.  She is perfectly content just to sit there.  Then when I make a move to put my iPad back on the shelf, she immediately leaps from her perch on top of me and onto the floor.  She goes over to her bowl of food and does a bit of eating, then she just disappears.
    Once, after her disappearance, I when down stairs, then as I came back up I happened to glance under my bed, and there she was, curled up and snoozing.  I had finally solved the mystery.  I found it strange that that is where she chose to do her sleeping, because the whole rest of the house is available to her.  She could curl up on her little bed, down by the wood stove, or on the sofa, or even beside me on the bed, but she seems to prefer under the bed, between my guitar case and a cardboard box containing a mat cutter.
    Last night when I once again saw her under in her chosen spot and decided to take a photo, she woke up and stared at me wondering what was going on.  That is why her eyes are open in the photograph.

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