Monday 25 July 2022

The Biggest Surprise of the Summer

    I got quite a surprise the other day; it was a phone call from Horseshoe Lake Ventures saying that my snowblower was fixed and ready to be picked up.

    “What?” I asked myself in disbelief.  I was totally gobsmacked.

    The snowblower broke in the middle of the winter in 2020-21 and even though Horseshoe Lake Ventures didn’t realIy deal with snowblowers, they told me to bring it over and they would fix it, so I  took it to them to be repaired.

    They needed to order some parts and that is when things stopped.  For weeks, then months, then a year, I waited, but they kept telling me that the parts were still on back order.

    When the winter of 2021-2022 was approaching, I was in a panic.  I was going to need a snowblower to clean my driveway and all Horseshoe Lake Ventures could tell me was that they were waiting for the ordered parts.  In desperation, I broke down and bought another snowblower.  By that point, I assumed that the back ordered parts would never arrive.

    I used my new snowblower all though last winter and had given up on ever getting the old one back.  I pretty much erased it from my memory, when I got the unexpected phone call.

    I just returned from picking the snowblower up.  It started on the first try and moved like it had never been broken.

    My big question now is what will I do with it.  I don’t really have a place to store it, but for now, I managed to push some other things out of the way so I was able to put I could store it in my shop.  I jokingly asked my wife if she wanted it.  It would make clearing the driveway a lot quicker with two snowblowers working on it, but she declined the offer.

    I guess I will sell it once the winter season gets a bit closer.

    I must say I am really impressed with Horseshoe Lake Ventures, who stored over the year and a half, waiting for the parts to arrive and once they did, they fixed it quickly.

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