Tuesday 12 July 2022

Sweet Smells of the Season

    Whenever I step outside during the spring or summer, I am suddenly surrounded by the delicious smells of the flowers and bushes that are blooming.  Presently, it is the smell of the Mock Orange bush that sits outside the front of the house.  It is covered with white flowers, and puts out an intoxicating scent that attracts not only me, but all of the bees and other pollinators in the neighborhood.  

    The scents of the seasons change as the different plants take their turn blooming, then concentrate on making their seeds, allowing other plants take up the mantle to make their flowers, and send their fragrances into the air.  No one plant’s scent lasts long enough for a person to get tired of it, the smells are constantly changing.

    The fragrances are a wonderful gift of nature, so wake up and smell the coffee if you will, but also take some time to smell the flowers.

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