Saturday 23 July 2022

Plastic Fake Bricks

    I have been tearing off the deteriorating planks on our deck, so that I can replace them.  When I got them off and was raking the debris that had accumulated on the ground below them, I came across this fragment of a sheet of plastic that was supposed to look like bricks.  Originally it had a sticky back so they could stuck on a wall, supposedly to make your wall look like a brick wall.  

    The fake bricks were on some walls in our living room when we bought the house in 1977.  They looked so tacky and fake that I hated them with passion.  Ripping them off of the walls was one of the first things I wanted to do when we moved in.  

    Whenever I think back to how our house looked when we bought it, I remember those “bricks”, and it was a real flashback to find the fragment of them under my deck.

    Below is a photo of our living room after we moved in.  You can see some of the fake bricks on the side of the chimney.

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