Thursday 28 July 2022

Sandhill Cranes

    While walking Kona on Horseshoe Lake Road, I glanced over toward the lake and noticed three long necks sticking out above one of the artificial islands.  From the distance, I wasn’t able to tell what they were until I heard the distinct “gobbly” sound that one of them made, then I knew they were Sandhill Cranes, probably the parents and their young,

    It’s probably been only 15 years since I was made aware of Sandhills around here.  Most pass through on their migration, but some over-summer in the valley, and I imagine this trio is one of those.  In the fall when the migrating Sandhills come through you can sometimes see about 100 of them out in the fields resting and carbo-loading for the rest of their flight south.

Take a look at my paintings:


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