Monday 11 July 2022

Pea Thief

    We have a deer fence around our garden and whenever I am working in the garden, I enclose Kona in there with me.  She spends her time listening for mice in the weeds, pulling up the stakes at the end of the rows to chew on them, and lately, she has a new way to entertain herself-- stealing peas off of the pea plants.  I caught her the other day chowing down on the pea pods.

    I didn’t realize that dogs liked to eat peas until I caught Lexi, our previous dog, eating them out of the pail of peas as I was picking them.  Kona is a real plant eater and in a previous blog I have written about her eating dandelions.  I guess now that the dandelion season has passed, she has had to move on to the next delicacy.  

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