Wednesday 6 July 2022

Blowin' in the Wind

    Our previous two jam sessions have been played inside at the Legion Hall due to unpredictable weather, but last night we braved the sometimes strong winds and were back making music on the train station porch.   We had to fasten our pages down with clothes pegs to prevent the wind from turning them mid-song, and as the evening proceeded, the jackets and hats came on, but it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm.  

    Last night was the first time that we had a trumpet in the mix.  A young guy with a horn showed up and joined in.  He didn’t do any flourishing with the trumpet, just played the base note of the chords we were playing, but it was a nice addition to our songs.  He had to leave early so didn’t get in the photo, which was taken just before we broke up.

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