Friday 22 July 2022

Moss Campion

    During one of my first experiences of being up in the alpine, I came across a beautiful small pillow of tiny green leaves, accentuated with clumps of tiny purple flowers.  I rifled through my plant book to see what the plant was and discovered it was called Moss Campion.  Since then, whenever I am up in the mountain tops, I always look forward to coming upon the beautiful little plant.

    Luckily, Moss Campion can also tolerate living in rock gardens in our valley bottom and I planted a clump in mine.  The other day while we were up in the lanai, I noticed that our Moss Campion was blooming and there was a bumble bee working its way around the minuscule flowers.  You wouldn’t think such a small flower could produce enough to interest a bee, but the bee seemed very interested in the flower’s nectar.  Below is the photo I took.


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