Saturday 16 July 2022

Disappearing Mountain Snow

    If the snow that accumulates on the mountain tops all winter melts to quickly in the Spring, it will cause the Fraser River to flood.  Last winter the snow accumulation up there was 50% higher than normal, so we were concerned about flooding.  Fortunately, we had a long cool spring so the alpine snow melted slowly and while the river level got high, it really didn’t do any real flooding.

    The other day we did our afternoon walk down Museum Road for a change of scenery.  It allowed us to get good views of the Park Range of the Canadian Rockies, the mountains above our house.  As you can see most of the alpine snow that you can see from the valley bottom, has melted away.   There is still a lot of snow up there that can’t be seen, that is yet to melt, but seeing how much has disappeared, gives us hope that the Fraser will probably not flood this year, and that means less mosquitoes.

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