Saturday 13 June 2020

Zooming In

    A friend asked me what kind of camera I used and I told him I used a Sony Camcorder (FDR-AX53) as a camera.  One of the reasons, I explained,  was the amazing range of focus that it allowed.  I can focus in on something an inch away, like a flower bloom, or zoom in on something really far away.
    The photo above is admittedly not great, but considering how far away I was (300 yards or 280 meters) it’s not bad.  I took the shot while visiting friends.  From their porch they have a far and narrow view of the Fraser River down below their house.  I noticed a white spot on top of something dark, and wondered if it might be an eagle, but from that distance, I really couldn’t be sure.  I grabbed my camcorder and zoomed in as much as I could at saw that it definitely was a bald eagle and took the photo.

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