Friday 12 June 2020

Striving For Life

    On my May 23rd blog I lamented over my plum and cherry trees that had been killed over the winter.  I have heard that cherry trees throughout the Valley have suffered the same fate.  The photo above shows how the tree looked this morning;  bare and naked, against the backdrop of green leaves on the other trees.  I was depressed to see the demise of a tree that had provided so many cherry pies to us in the past 35 years.
    Today I am happy to report that this old cherry tree, that has withstood so many cold winters and the mangling and trashing by bears, still has a spark of life in it and is fighting to stay alive.  There are now two places on the tree that have developed some leaves.  One is part of a branch on the very top, the other is a sprout from a main trunk (below).
    I don’t know if these to two spots are enough to pull the tree through, but at least it is a sign that the tree is alive and fighting for life.

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