Friday 26 June 2020

New Sink, No Water

    Last week I spent days putting in a new sink in the kitchen and this week we have had days with no water.  Well, more accurately, we have some water in the blue container you see in the photo.  We got some from friends, but we don’t have any coming through our waterline because of the powerful torrent of water presently pouring down Sunbeam Falls that is preventing us from correcting whatever problem is causing our stoppage.  It is either that our intake filter is clogged or the culvert has filled with gravel preventing water from getting to our intake.  
    In the past we have suffered through similar household “droughts,” so we know how to adapt.  The blue container is permanently stored in our shop for such emergencies.   One of the major headaches we have when our water goes down is the inability to flush the toilet, but fortunately we have an outhouse.

    We are not the only ones with water problems.  The entire Village of McBride has been told not to drink their water.  It always seems a bit strange to have no water when all of the creeks and rivers are overflowing with excess water.  The old saying, “Water, water, everywhere; and not a drop to drink” comes to mind.

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