Tuesday 9 June 2020

Marshmallow-Looking Conks

    The fungus that grows on trees are referred to as “Conks”, at least that is what we referred to them as when I was timber cruising.  I noticed these unusual looking conks growing on a dead tree the other day.  They look soft and rounded like partially melted marshmallows.  
    Unlike green plants, fungi doesn’t need sunlight to grow, instead it uses organic matter.  So if you see mushrooms or conks growing somewhere, you know there must be some previously growing thing that is providing nutrients to it. 
    The fungi that you see is not the whole organism, it is just the fruiting body, most of it (which usually look like thin roots) are growing unseen under the ground or inside the tree.  If you see a conk on a tree, you know that that tree is in trouble and is rotting inside.

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