Friday, 19 June 2020

Firewood Security

    Winter is such a dominant season in Canada, that year round I am thinking and planning for it.  One of the main things I have to plan for is getting enough firewood to heat the house through those cold winter nights.  In the spring I strive to cut and split firewood so that it will be dry and ready to burn during the winter.
    A few weeks ago I felled 6 birch trees for firewood and managed to cut, split and stack the pieces of one of them.  I planned to cut up the others this week, but then got unexpectedly sidetracked by the whole business of replacing the kitchen sink.
    I noticed in “Pete’s Daily Email” (a local information source) that an acquaintance was selling birch firewood.  It was part of a logging block done by the Dunster Community Forest that now own the birch flooring company in McBride.  Even though I would probably have enough firewood by cutting up the trees I felled, I figured that one can never have enough firewood, so I ordered a load of birch.
    It arrived yesterday, and as you can see it is a “lot of wood”.  I will put off cutting up my felled trees for now, and concentrate on splitting all of the wood that was delivered.
    I’m not sure where I am going to stack all of this firewood, but I’ll figure something out.  In my forty-something years of living here, I have never before been so “Firewood” rich.

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