Saturday 20 June 2020

Rocky Mountain Incense

    During our first June living in our house, we discovered that we lived in a very mosquito-prone area.  We began buying mosquito coils that we would burn in our bedroom at night,.  This enabled us to sleep without being disturbed by the buzzing of the persistent pests.  Mosquito coils, which were locally nicknamed “Rocky Mountain Incense” are a probably toxic conglomeration of material, that when lit slowly smoked up the room, driving the mosquitoes away.  I often wondered if the foul smelling smoke intoxicated us into a deep slumber making us oblivious to the mosquitoes.
    After those early years, and afraid for our health, we stopped using mosquito coils, but the other day in the hardware store, while looking for anti-mosquito products, I saw what appeared to be some “high-end” mosquito coils packaged in a fancy metal container, and I bought some.
    One of the problems at home is that mosquitoes tend to hang out in our front porch and carport, the two places where we enter our house.  Whenever we open a door, the mosquitoes swarm inside, then they dedicate their lives to making us miserable, especially when we are trying to sleep.  We have had several occasions when our cat who has been outside and can open the door to let herself in, comes in without our knowing, leaving the door open, until our house is full of mosquitoes. 
    We have begun burning our newly purchased mosquito coils out in the carport which keep the mosquitoes away from our door, this keeps the “mozzies” out of our house.  They burn for about 8 hours, and these fancy ones do smell like incense, so I think we will continue to buying and burning “Rocky Mountain Incense” during mosquito season.
    I feel a lot better about burning the coils outside, so we don’t end up breathing that smoke inside our house.

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